“Amanda demonstrates a very rare talent - someone who can very quickly grasp what needs to change and can facilitate people/ teams/ organisations to quickly move forward. Amanda can help organisations tremendously by enabling teams and people to reach their full potential. Amanda is also extremely supportive and lots of fun to work with - a real star!”

Karen Caddick, Global HR Director, Financial Times, 2005

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Consulting on Organisation Change and Learning

I help clients:

When facilitating teams, I:

Clients are the experts on their own world - whenever I’m invited to work with an organisation I start by learning about their strategy, goals, and people.  I help identify what’s already working well, and what could provide the foundations for successful change.

For organisations to change, people need direction, and to be engaged and inspired - new conversations need to take place, and people need to develop confidence in their ability to do things differently.

My initial inquiry - asking questions and prompting provocative conversations - is often the start.  I bring a fresh perspective, positive energy, curiosity, intelligence, and commercial understanding.  I’m determined to enable my clients to become self-sufficient (and to make my role redundant) through transferring skills and knowledge as quickly as possible.  My focus is on developing people, and relationships across organisations, which will deliver client’s goals.

 “Amanda has a wealth of knowledge surrounding building people driven cultures, and managing change.  She fully understands what really makes people tick, and how to get people to engage with new concepts and ideas.  In addition to miles of framework and foundation building, we found Amanda’s coaching, and her engaging sessions, invaluable in developing our senior managers - encouraging people to think for themselves and make their own calculated decisions.

Glenn Edwards, Operations Director, itsu, 2007

“Amanda quickly applied her knowledge and expertise to Starbucks’ unique culture and Organisation Development demands. She brought valuable drive and insight as she facilitated the introduction of an integrated HR Information System. She ensured effective communication with, and the involvement of, stakeholders within HR, Store Operations, Payroll, and Finance. She became a trusted coach to the HR Reward Manager, supporting her through her responsibilities for managing significant change. I highly recommend Amanda as a coach and a facilitator.”

Benne Peto, HR Director, Starbucks, 2003