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Career Transitions

Coaching can help individuals rise to the challenge when they’re stretched outside of their comfort zone, or they need to quickly deliver results in a new job or organisation.

The ability to quickly learn from experience, and adapt accordingly, is a fundamental strength in High Potential Employees.  Coaching can help people work out how they can use their strengths, and previous experience, to thrive in a new role.  I help people learn to:

People can also benefit from coaching through :

‘Fast-track’ graduates also often benefit from coaching to help them:

One piece of feedback sums up a typical benefit of coaching someone through transition. Unprompted, a coachee’s Director wrote to let me know: ‘ well they did in the meeting yesterday.  They spoke with real confidence and authority.  Their manager says they’re a new person.’

"Through a recommendation, I approached Amanda about providing some career coaching. As I am just starting out I was anxious about using a coach as I thought that the service might be for more senior types. Amanda was incredibly approachable, and helped me to start thinking around both my current career issues and also more strategically about career planning. Although we only had one session I often refer back to the conversation we had as I found her approach very positive and easy to apply to my day-to-day working life."

HR Assistant, Magic Circle law firm, 2007