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I partner with leaders to solve their people conundrums.

I specialise in helping leaders develop cultures which enable individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve their potential.

I help leaders:

*  align people with business strategy
*  create environments which encourage individuals to take responsibility for co-creating more positive futures

*  simplify, and build capability in leading people through change

More than 25 years experience 
developing and implementing tailored solutions
to complex questions, like ...



How do we set our organisation up for success?

What's the best way to align our structure and culture, with our strategy and operating model?

How can we encourage collaboration and break down silos?



What capabilities will we need in order to deliver our strategy?

How can we develop a pipeline of mission-critical talent?



How can we consistently attract and select people who personify our brand?

How can we develop a diverse and more inclusive culture?

How can we help new hires perform more quickly?



How can we instill a high performance culture?

How can we build a customer-centric culture?

How can we embed our values?



Considering our strategy and values, what should our leadership be like?

How should we develop future leaders?

How can we build capability in leading people through change?



How can we increase engagement in change?

How can we create a pull for centrally driven initiatives?

How can we ensure that we make change stick?

Clients say

Amanda is a great thought partner on people/business matters - especially change, talent management and culture shift. I found her insights about my part of the business invaluable and her ability to build productive relationships fast very impressive. She has an agile mind and strong work ethic - a super colleague. HR VP, Corporate Business Activities and Functions, BP

I'm hired by people who want a strategic thinking partner, as well as someone who can help them deliver practical, tailored solutions to their people conundrums.

I add most value in complex situations, where diverse stakeholders need to be engaged in creating better futures.

(I don't pitch for change programme or project management roles, and I'm not the best person to manage a mechanistic approach to implementing change.)

I’m hired by leaders who genuinely believe that their organisation will more effective, and more valuable, when they work out how to create a climate that unleashes the greatest contribution from their people.

Clients say...

If anyone ever asks me to describe a Trusted Advisor, I will do that with pleasure and I will talk about Amanda… how she was a great listener and how she earned my trust and how she helped me to frame some of the issues related to Mindsets & Behaviors change and how she helped me to move to the next step and learn from it. Change Lead, GSK

partnering with leaders to solve their people conundrums

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